This is how electric underfloor heating can contribute to reducing carbon emissions

Electricity is set to become increasingly important as Europe moves towards climate neutrality by 2050. At the same time, demand for electricity is forecast to grow to 30 percent in 2030 and to reach 50 percent by 2050. These figures are reported by the EUHA - the organization that unites manufacturers of electric underfloor heating throughout Europe. Ebeco is a part of this alliance and we are involved in their work. Read more below!

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The European Commission is aiming for 84 percent of electricity demand by 2050 to come from renewable energy sources which will significantly decrease CO2 emissions. This is where electric underfloor heating comes in: with the commission aiming for the 40 percent of residential heating to be sourced from electricity by 2030, rising to at least 50 and up to 70 percent by 2050.

Electric underfloor heating is also set to become cheaper for consumers than traditional gas, liquid and solid fuel technologies. Given the ongoing attempts to boost energy efficiency in buildings via insulation and increase on-site production of renewable electricity, several eletricity-based space heating technologies will support this transition, including electric underfloor heating. In fact, new research shows that electric underfloor heating in combination with PV is the most cost efficient heating solution when it comes to highly insulated residential buildings.

New data for the EU also shows that every year another 1,2 million new homes are built, which are suited to electric underfloor heating. Between 2016 and 2019, this would have amounted to 5,4 million homes.

Electrical underfloor heating is a major opportunity for Europe. This can play a significant role in helping Europe reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency in buildings, and ultimately enable Europe to meet its ambitious climate targets.

To realize this vision, ambitious goals for renewable energy are needed. There is also a need for a lower primary energy factor to ensure that conditionalities for public funding for heating retrofitting are technology neutral between electric heating solutions and promote on-site, small scale renewable energy generation.

EUHA want’s to put Europe on a fast track to sustainable electric heating. And Ebeco agrees.


Source: EUHA-Alliance

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About EUHA-Alliance

The Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance – EUHA – unites manufacturers to promote the interests of the product sector within a new electrified smart grid infrastructure. The group promotes the adoption of higher efficiency electric underfloor heating systems, providing primary but mainly secondary comfort heating in low energy demand buildings.